My Story

my life, my work.

My story began in Co. Longford, Ireland where I drew and painted throughout childhood. I was one of those kids that was aways up a tree, covered in paint and with a pencil in hand. Art is something I knew I had to pursue. 


I graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2011 with an Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. After five years teaching Art and Design in secondary education, I decided to take a career break and move to Brighton, UK, where I currently reside.

My work is a combination of expressions. My portraits are an intuitive and expressive deconstruction and reconstruction of identity in the contemporary world.

We exist in a world where communication has never been as easy. There is ever expanding platforms with which we can use to express ourselves.

Each interaction both in person and online can demand a different conception of ourselves thus each of us is not one self but many - we are malleable. Social media infiltrates so many facets of our lives that, unknowingly, we can begin to take on the personas and values of the people with whom we most regularly communicate. As such, our true selves - if such a concept even exists - can often become enhanced, distorted or sometimes lost.

My work aims to encapsulate our features both real and imagined. The interplay between the features and brushstrokes can allow the viewer to delve into the depths of our identities.


©2018 by Maria Cribben